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Il Cannone di Gauss, un acceleratore di proiettili, chiamato così in seguito alle varie descrizioni matematiche che Gauss fece riguardo agli effetti magnetici degli acceleratori magnetici.

Gauss was the only child of poor parents. He was a calculating prodigy with a gift for languages. His teachers and his devoted mother recommended him to the duke of Brunswick in 1791, who granted him financial assistance to continue his education locally and then to study mathematics at the University of Göttingen.

repels the other magnet's north pole. So we have the common saying: like poles repel, unlike poles attract.

This choice of topics and its natural generalizations set the agenda in number theory for much of the 19th century, and Gauss’s continuing interest in the subject spurred much research, especially in German universities.

Another story has it that in primary school after the young Gauss misbehaved, his teacher, J.G. Büttner, gave him a task: add a list of integers in arithmetic progression; birli the story is most often told, these were the numbers from 1 to 100. The young Gauss reputedly produced the correct answer within seconds, to the astonishment of his teacher and his assistant Martin Bartels.

Students interested in studying these fields gönül opt to be bused to schools that are hamiş their home schools, thus bringing a heterogeneous array of students to predominantly homogeneous schools. However, this saf historically had questionable success. School facilities[edit]

Beden manyetik hale ulaştığında, cismin mideindeki bu grupların birçoğu aynı doğrultuya gelerek neodyum cismin yekûn manyetik meydanına katkıda bulunur. Böylece nazar boncuğu bir manyetik saha ve tam bir manyetik kutupluluk elde edilir.

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Conteneva le prime due dimostrazioni della legge di reciprocità quadratica, sviluppava le teorie delle forme quadratiche binarie e ternarie, esponeva il problema del numero di classe per queste ultime, e dimostrava che un eptadecagono (poligono a 17 lati) può essere costruito con riga e compasso.

Le Disquisitiones coprono argomenti che vanno dalla teoria elementare dei numeri a quel ramo della matematica oggi chiamato teoria dei numeri algebrica. Tuttavia è bene precisare che Gauss in quest'opera non riconosce esplicitamente il concetto di gruppo.

Gauss also discovered that every positive integer is representable kakım a sum of at most three triangular numbers on 10 July and then jotted down in his diary the note: "ΕΥΡΗΚΑ!

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